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Community Resilience

We need to improve our community’s physical, mental, and social health. By taking steps to support community health, we are better prepared to respond and adapt to adversities like hurricanes public health crises, substance abuse, and juvenile crime.

Community Garden

Water Quality

Stormwater runoff and old septic tank leakage are major sources of pollution to our local waters. I support the following actions to protect our precious water resources:

  • Plant trees and other vegetation, and use Florida Friendly™ landscaping practices

  • Repair dysfunctional septic systems

  • Install stormwater sewers as recommended by ACUNE (Adaptation of Coastal Urban and Natural Ecosystems)

  • Control construction site stormwater runoff

  • Find and eliminate illicit discharge (llicit discharge is anything that enters a storm drain or body of water that is NOT uncontaminated stormwater).

Water Sprinkler

Environmental Conservation

The quality of our natural resources, especially our water, is threatened by pollution, habitat loss, and climate change. I will use science as a guide to make practical changes that reduce stormwater run-off, lower septic leakage, support our urban greenspaces, and protect local wildlife. 

Water Sport

Growth & Development

Many large employers are moving to Collier, and development/redevelopment is booming. I am a leader experienced in housing and finance.


I can find balance between supporting new business growth, creating workforce housing, and preserving the existing neighborhoods and other aspects of Collier that attract so many people here in the first place.

Construction in Progress

Workforce Housing

Affordable housing is needed for our expanding workforce.


Workforce housing can be sustainably created by the following actions:

  • Enforce existing contracts made between tax credit and the county

  • Use creative financing to combine Tax Credit Low AMI rentals with Workforce Condo Option in the same building

  • Increase building height limits

  • Look to HUD insurance programs as models

Residential Buildings

Political Diplomacy

​Recent events have polarized the US, and political division is rampant. Experience breeds tolerance. I have worked and studied in several states and countries. As a commissioner, I will support policies that have relevance to the majority of voters in District #2 and can be accomplished at the local level.

Collier needs somebody who respects subject matter experts and can understand staff recommendations. I can work with experts, then explain complex topics to my constituents.

Commissioners serve both registered voters and young people. I will balance the needs of US-born and naturalized citizens and treat undocumented residents humanely.

All Hands In
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