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Bebe Kanter Uniquely Qualified

I am so excited that my lifelong friend, Barbara Bruckenstein Kanter, is running for Collier County commissioner in Naples. Bebe and I grew up together in Minneapolis. We grew up in a neighborhood with a variety of ethnicities and incomes – a wonderful community where everyone collaborated and worked together.

In Minneapolis we prize the green environment far above the built environment. Our parks are second to none. We have aggressive climate action plans at the city and county level.

I believe Bebe is uniquely qualified to serve as Collier County commissioner.

She is a collaborator. She understands local government. She has advocated successfully for change in her community. When she was in Minneapolis recently, we had deep conversations about how to improve government. We discussed how to bring business and residents together to build strong communities. We talked about how to make government more efficient and cost-effective. And, possibly most importantly, we talked about climate and environmental issues and how they affect our cities. I am impressed with the depth of her knowledge and her deep commitment to her community.

The residents of Collier County have a wonderful opportunity to elect a woman who will be a true leader for the future. I’m excited about her candidacy and urge the residents of Collier County to vote for Bebe Kanter for commissioner.

Jackie Parker Cherryhomes-Tyler, Minneapolis

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