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Hi, I'm Bebe

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My husband, Craig, and I moved from Chicago to Naples in 2015. We became residents in 2017.

I’ve lived, worked and studied in many urban environments: USSR (Moscow, 1964), Korea, China, Minneapolis, Buffalo, New York City, Boston, Chicago, and now our very own Naples. 


I received my BA from Barnard College, Columbia University, in 1974.

I earned my Master’s in City and Regional Planning from the Harvard School of Design in 1977 with a concentration in refinance. 

I worked as a loan officer for multi-family housing through the Department of Housing and Development in Chicago and Norwest Bank (later merged with Wells Fargo).


After the birth of my first of three sons, I founded and ran three businesses:

  1. Quiet Collier, Inc. (current)

  2. Let’s Speak English/SpeakIQ (consulting for SE Asian/American immigrants and expatriates)

  3. Renaissance Properties (consulting for owners of Section 8 housing, owning and managing rental housing, marketing to Section 8 voucher holders in Skokie and Evanston, Illinois). 


To Live Green, Vote Bebe

Recent events have polarized the US. I will support BCC policies that are relevant to the majority of voters in District #2 and can be accomplished at the local level.

I believe in:

  • Public Health

  • Community Resiliency

  • Ecosystem Conservation

  • Residential Neighborhood Preservation


In these challenging times, Collier needs an urban planning expert with literacy in zoning, finance,and sociology. We need a Commissioner who enjoys working with both US born and immigrant residents and citizens, and isn’t afraid to mix with voters in Immokalee. We need a Commissioner who works with experts to make informed decisions.

As a federal employee and later as an entrepreneur and property owner, I interacted with people of all backgrounds. I am respected and trusted by friends and foes alike. I can think on my feet without a teleprompter or media spinner advice. I understand the complex relationship between market dynamics, legislation, development, and the environment.


There is no doubt that I am equipped to lead Collier County towards a resilient future.

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